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toe in the bright polyester blends that are vag
“There was one moment when I tried on a pair of shoes, and was like, ‘holy bleep.’ This was different, Nike Air Max 90 Dames Blauwthis was Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Rosa good,” recounts Baghdadi.Nike Air Max 90 Herren “Then it was a question, do other people feel that?” Samples were sent to Nike’s headquarters in Oregon, and Baghdadi confirmed that other people felt the same way, too. The React was light, soft, and springy. Everyone from Nike’s own employees to its partner athletes loved it.But Baghdadi is quick to point out that chemical engineering was only half of React’s design process. The geometry of the foam needed to be carefully designed, too, and tweaked to maximize the mechanical responsiveness of the material depending on each shoe size. For this step, Nike, in another first for the company, turned to computational design, using software to shape each shoe size’s unique sole for maximum energy return.“The pattern is a direct output of that algorithm,” says Holts. “If you were to compare, take the Nike Air Max 2017 Femme React foam Adidas Superstar Dam Rosa itself versus the Nike Air Pegasus 83 Womens React foam with the computational pattern, it’s actually much softer with the computational pattern upon impact, but it’s also more resilient upon impact, meaning it gives more response at the same time.”Computational design also allowed quicker iteration. In the case of the Epic React this was key, as Nike decided that each half shoe size in the line required a unique sole shape to maximize its own promised energy returns.

Such a size-by-size approach to building soles isn’t unheard of, but it’s far more common for a single core sole shape to be designed and simply scaled to all of the shoes in a model’s line, with testing only in the middle and at each of the extremes.“What used to take weeks to months was taking honestly hours to days when we went computational,” Holts continues. “Then there was another benefit: We could Nike Air Pegasus 83 Damen take pressure data from athletes, and the hundreds of runners through Nike Labs, to be an input to those algorithms to give you more information, tweaking the algorithms to give more cushioning where athletes want it, or carve out weight or volume where you don’t need it.”All of those decisions produced the Epic React, tested over 17,000 miles of running, and available in two colorways to the public on February 22, for $150 (though, no doubt, the core React technology will make it to more shoes soon). While you can call it a response to Adidas’s successful Boost line, which has helped Adidas regain its spot just behind Nike as the second biggest athletic shoe manufacturer in the world, it would be unfair to call it a copy. Adidas’s Boost line features brashly unfinished, Styrofoam-looking soles. Even if they Nike Air Presto Womens can help you dunk Nike Roshe Run Femme a basketball, they’re too cool to admit it. Meanwhile, Nike’s Epic React is carefully finished with speed lines that, like a sports car’s, make them look fast just parked by your front door.So how did the Epic React work out for me, a guy whose body is in peak physical condition to rock his newborn at 3 a.m. or open the occasional wine bottle on the weekends?

As if sensing my own trepidation at the offer of a “short, 5-6 mile run” with a Nike expert, Nike not only sent the Epic React shoes for me to try, but accompanied them with a small wardrobe’s worth of performance Nike gear, ranging from a sweat-sopping jacket to an $50 pair of knee-high compression socks.So I cover myself head to toe in the bright polyester blends that are vaguely reminiscent of European clubwear circa 1998, gaining confidence the way many reluctant Adidas ZX Flux Mujer athletes do: by wrapping every inch of my skin in aspirational branding.I am the swoosh incarnate.My first run with the Epic React is like jogging on marshmallow fluff. It’s almost eerie how smoothly proportioned the foam feels, from heel to toe, even as I purposefully shift my stride from running on the balls of my feet back to my heels in an attempt to find weak spots. A relaxed mile and a half later, Rob assures me that he is sweating, too–really!–even though only one of us is breathing through his mouth. We adjourn. With suddenly cramped legs, I opt to sit in a chair, rather than work at my standing desk, to write this article. I assume Rob is sending emails while squirrel suiting to his next ultramarathon.

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